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Deming - A system of profound knowledge with Dr Jackie Graham

Thursday, February 3, 2022
Eastern Hub Geelong, 285A McKillop St, East Geelong VIC 3219
$30 incl gst

 After WWII Dr W Edwards Deming helped Japan rebuild their war-torn country. In a few short years they transformed from an embattled country to a leading manufacturing nation. Deming helped the leaders of Japan to understand their businesses as systems.  He taught them to use an evidence-based approach to learn about their systems and how to go about improvement.

Deming became a major figure in the US and synthesised his philosophy in the ‘System of Profound Knowledge’ before he passed away in the early 90’s. 30 years later his philosophies are still as relevant today.

Dr Jackie Graham had the privilege of working with Dr Deming when he was consulting and teaching in seminars. She has made immense contributions in the Asia pacific region to organisations in industries as varied as automotive, food, transport, construction, and healthcare as well as government. Jackie is also a big Cats Fan and was involved in improving statistics in the AFL.

Jackie will take us to the core of Deming’s teachings and systems of profound knowledge. The presentation will include the red beads experiment which Deming used in his seminars.

At this event, you will learn:

·       How to view ‘problems’ from a systems viewpoint

·       Why many efforts to create improvements fail.

·       Who has the real power to effect change in your organisation?

·       Why respect for people is essential for long term success.

And you will have fun!


7:45           Registration – Venue TBC
8:00           Welcome & Introduction
8:10           Red Bead Experiment

9:30           Break (coffee & tea available)

10:00        System of Profound Knowledge

10:45        Conclusion / Feedback / Q&A
11:00        Close

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