Being Resilient In This Unpredictable Economy: Café Style Interactive Workshop With Maree Harris, Ph.D.


Date:Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Location:St Mary’s Pioneer Room, First Floor, Parish Centre, 150 Yarra St, Geelong
Registration Time:4:00PM
Start Time:4:15PM
Finish Time:6:15PM
Cost:$30.00 incl GST
RSVP:26th June 2017


Event Flyer

Faced with exponential change, uncertainty and unpredictability every day in our work lives, one of the most important and valuable skills we can develop is resilience. At our February meeting, we heard from the Transport Accident Commission about their organisational resilience plan which will see them able to respond well to whatever crisis or unexpected event hits their organisation, or challenges the work their organisation does.  This workshop is an appropriate follow-on from that where we discuss how you, as individuals, can develop resilience, that mental toughness that sees you able to bounce back from adversity and move forward in a constructive way towards achieving your goals and the success that goes with that. Maree Harris will facilitate discussion around nine proactive responses you can make when faced with a personal crisis, unexpected event or a major challenge. They are not quick fixes, because becoming resilient is an on-going learning experience where you become increasingly competent and confident over time. You will leave this workshop with strategies (and accompanying notes) that will equip you well to face whatever presents itself to you.

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