Data Driven Improvements: Using the Quality Tracking System (QTS)


Date:Thursday, November 21, 2013
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If you don’t measure it........
you can’t improve it!
Whether it was W Edwards Deming or Peter Drucker who said it, we all know it’s true!
The Geelong Quality Council in collaboration with Air Radiators, Backwell IXL, Deakin CISR, Geelong Manufacturing Council and ICT were successful in achieving funding through the Digital Futures Fund to create an on-line data tracking tool for use by Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs). Air Radiators are the first SME to trial the system which is designed to give visibility to problems in the supply chain so that timely solutions can be found and improvements sustained.
Join us at Air Radiators to see how they use the tool to collect and configure data to drive their improvement efforts.

This event includes a live demonstration of the QTS tool and a plant tour to see how it is used in daily operations.
Whatever business you’re in; manufacturing or service, come along to see how you could benefit from collecting and analysing data to drive improvements.

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