Date:Thursday, July 25, 2013
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In this session you will have the opportunity to hone your problem identification skills and practice simple yet effective problem solving methodology to formulate successful solutions.You will have time to work on your “burning issues” with take away tools and templates that can be used back in the workplace. Lead facilitator Anthony Clyne from TXM has a deep understanding of lean thinking and experience in sharing his learnings to enable them to achieve impressive lasting results. He has experience in many industry sectors and industries. TXM is a leading Australian Lean Manufacturing consulting company txm.com.au.

Boundary Bend Limited are innovators in all aspects of the “new world” olive industry, from the manufacture of olive harvesters, cultivating olive tree nurseries, to olive oil bottling, storage and laboratory analysis which is carried out at their Lara facility. Producing Australia’s leading brands, Cobram Estate and Red Island, they have an un-wavering focus on quality, innovation and customer satisfaction through all facets of
their business and are currently implementing Lean techniques.

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