Project Delivery Innovation: Scrum & Agile


Date:Thursday, November 20, 2014
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Lean processes have been around for years, and many of you will be keen proponents and practitioners. Did you know, that in the dark recesses of ICT, another rational process was being developed in parallel to help software delivery and ICT projects: Agile. Some consider Agile and Lean to be two sides of the same coin, with variation in terminology and practice. Scrum is merely a “flavour” of Agile.
See and hear the benefits and how these techniques could also be applied to innovation activities in non-educational sectors.

See how Agile can work alongside lean to help any organization improve the way they deliver value, reduce risk, increase trust, improve culture and facilitate teamwork and collaboration. Try your hand at “planning poker” and participating in a “daily scrum” or “stand up”.

Refreshments to include gourmet pizzas and a beverage of your choice.

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