PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Applying Lean thinking to your Project Toolkit to achieve great outcomes!


Date:Thursday, October 24, 2013
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Ever wondered why some projects are successful and some aren’t? What do some companies do to ensure “Projects” don’t happen in isolation but deliver better results for the customer and the business. Sometimes the standard Project Management toolkit just isn’t enough to ensure great what can we do differently? In this interactive session, Duncan Mallord from Hatch Associates provides an overview of the Project Management landscape, highlighting common pitfalls and sharing the key principles of Project Management.

Barwon Water Alliance outline their journey as an organisation now responsible for delivering 120 projects over a 5 year period. They present their Integrated Project Management Toolkit, showcasing how the company’s values are intrinsically woven into each and every activity undertaken, and how they develop and review Key Metrics to maximise outcomes.

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