Statistical Process Control Workshop


Date:Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Location:Deakin Cats Community Centre, Simonds Stadium, Kardinia Park, South Geelong
Registration Time:9:15am
Start Time:9:30am
Finish Time:12:00pm


Event Flyer

Every organisation is challenged on a regular basis to improve their processes to meet ever more stringent specifications on their services and products. This hands on workshop will cover how the Statistical Process Control (SPC) methodology can be used to help meet these improvement opportunities and to provide ways of monitoring performance. The methodology has been widely used in manufacturing and is equally applicable to non manufacturing environments. The workshop, which assumes no prior learning, will cover the following:

1. How SPC fits into the Lean 6 Sigma methodology.

2. What is Statistical Process Control.

3. The meaning of various basic statistics.

4. Elements and interpretation of control charts.

5. “Hands on” activity on data collection and creation of a control chart.

6. Calculation of process capability indices to assess ability to meet specifications.

7. How understanding different types of variation helps direct your problem solving.

8. Ideas on how to “Put it all together” for comprehensive monitoring of performance.


Note: this workshop is a repeat of the Statistical Process Control Workshop held in October 2016. Please bring with you a calculator / smart phone with basic calculator functions (add, subtract, multiply, divide and square root).

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