The Brewery Tour Part 2: Little Creatures


Date:Wednesday, February 10, 2016
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With a passion for craft ales, Little Creatures have been brewing in Fremantle since 2001 before doubling capacity with the renovation and re-purposing of the 1920's Valley Worsted Textile Mills in Geelong. This innovative move complete with the latest in brewing technology has enabled the company to supply 13 million litres per year to meet growing demand. The brewery features a number of environmental initiatives including waste heat collection and a carbon dioxide recycling system. Lean practices are a key area of focus and the journey to embed these as part
of the culture is underway; creating a unique blend between the parent company Lion, and the spirit of the Fremantle brewers and company founders. Join us for this site tour to see these practices in action and experience a taste of this thriving business culture.

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