Value Stream Mapping in a Service Environment!


Date:Thursday, July 26, 2018
Location:Hinchcliff Room, Eastern Hub Geelong, 285A McKillop St, East Geelong VIC 3219
Registration Time:9:00am
Start Time:9:15am
Finish Time:12:00pm
RSVP:23rd July (places are limited to 24 and registration is essential)


Event Flyer

The City of Greater Geelong (CoGG) will show how they approached the task of improving the process for minor road repairs (potholes). The community is very sensitive to the condition of roads so, the expectation is that potholes don’t ever happen, and if they appear, they will be repaired quickly.

David and an improvement team at CoGG investigated this problem from a Lean perspective, employing a value stream mapping approach to improve the overall process. In this presentation David, Alistair and Helen will share their story which will include –

  • Using a new methodology in CoGG
  • Engaging the overall team in the process, and getting their buy-in to ensure a good outcome
  • A reflection of lean principles, and the challenges faced when implementing into an organisation
  • Overcoming detractors, resistance and apathy (things will never change), the blame game
  • Cross functional teams working together on a common problem
  • Creating a value stream map in a service environment

This presentation will take you through a real life example of how this useful tool has helped bring change to CoGG.

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